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"Kathy makes vegan meal planning approachable and practical.  The layout is inviting and very user-friendly.  She provides simple yet interesting recipe ideas in her usual bright and cheerful style.  Having everything all packaged together with shopping lists, pantry must-haves, kitchen tools, tips and calendar plans makes vegan meal planning inspiring and easier than ever.  It is full of helpful resources but also provides the opportunity to truly personalize your experience." - Elaine

E L A I N E  


"Easy and delicious recipes for anyone already following vegan lifestyle or willing to give it a try. Kathy explains what you can achieve by being vegan and gives a comprehensive meal plan (as well as vegan substitutions). THIS all will allow you to be positive, healthy and eat  good food every day. My personal favorite recipe is Baked beans on toast on the 45th page, all the mushroom-garlicky-smokey comforting flavors are so good!" - Alina

Cooking Journey Blog - link

A L I N A  


"Kathy does a terrific job with these meal plans. It's impossible to be short of ideas in what to eat. There are plenty of great recipes and combinations to try, and best of all, she makes preparing meals fun! There's even weekly shopping lists so no need to worry about anything. Whether starting a vegan diet, or just curious to try, these meal plans are a remarkable aid." - Vasco

Vegan Blessing - link

V A S C O       

disclosure: All reviews are authentic and unpaid. Some reviewers were provided a media kit + sample of the FV Meals program in exchange for their optional + honest review.  If you are a media professional or user and would like to submit a review, please email an inquiry here.

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