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1. What is Finding Vegan Meals?

2. Who is Finding Vegan Meals for?

3. What do I get when I order the complete program?

4. Is this a diet / weight loss program?

5. Can a vegan diet be healthy?

6. Why should I add more vegan meals to my diet?

7. What is the private facebook group all about?

8. How much is this?

9. How many recipes does the program have?

10. Are there photos?

11. What about serving sizes?

12. Will my kids like these recipes?

13. Are vegan ingredients expensive?
14. Are there gluten-free, soy-free, allergy-friendly recipes?

15. Are these recipes already here on the blog?
16. What does it mean to buy this program?

17. How do I get started?

18. How do I gift this program?

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1. What is Finding Vegan Meals?

Finding Vegan Meals is five main things: recipes, meal plans, tools, tips, community.

Finding Vegan Meals is a collection of digital content geared to help you face your day of meals feeling organized, inspired and excited about eating! Finding Vegan Meals provides digital content ranging from recipes, meal plans, tools and tips. The kits are print-friendly and the PDFs are interactive (clickable) for easy browsing. 

Basically, this program is an epic kit of inspiring goodies. Program details here: WHAT YOU GET.

And if you want to take it to the next level, build your own Finding Vegan Meals binder and really have some offline fun!

The program is also your ticket into an exclusive online community of like-minded people! When you purchase FindingVeganMeals, you can join the private Facebook group.


2. Who is Finding Vegan Meals for?

Everyone! If you are curious about veganism or you just want to add more plants to your diet, Finding Vegan Meals is for you. Just browsing the pages, recipes and over 150 photos will lend you plenty of inspiration for meals you want to try.

Finding Vegan Meals is for:

- parents, college students, established vegans looking for new recipes, new vegans or vegetarians, non-vegans just looking to eat more plants, 
people who love: smoothies, salads, cookies, comfort foods, veggie burgers, pasta, fruit, veggies, chocolate, soups and desserts - seniors looking to increase their longevity via eating more plants, teens who love to cook or are curious about veg-eating --- if you like to eat, this book is for you. So yeah, basically, everyone.


But I think my favorite thing about this program is that it was created in response to everyday people, like you and me, who just want to do better. Little things. Day by day. Grow. Learn. Create. Fail. Try again.  And even inspire others in the process. Friends, family, strangers. Basically, change the world, one meal, one adventure, at a time. 

If you just want to do a little better, this content can help you get there.


3. What do I get when I order the complete program e-book?

-  The core digital meal plan (dinners, smoothies, speezy, all-in, weekender)
-  Bonus plans + challenges 

-  Each plan includes menus and shopping lists. And all the recipes with photos.
-  "The Recipes," is a digital cookbook featuring all of the 150 recipes - each with a photo.

-  The Getting Started Guide includes instructions and tips to get started. This guide is especially helpful for new vegans. It also contains printables: blank templates to create your own menus and tools like a pantry list, nutrition info and cooking substitutions.
-  The entire Finding Vegan Meals program is interactive since you can click around the PDFs to navigate.
-  The Finding Vegan Meals program has over 365 pages of content.
-  Bonus plans + challenges are always being added.
-  You will be invited to join the private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other members - and me!

4. Is this a diet / weight loss program?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Though many people have said that switching to a more plant-based diet has helped them maintain or lose weight, this is not a 'diet program.' I am personally not a big fan of dieting, calorie counting or anything else that can stress you out. Food and eating should make you feel GOOD. Diet programs can lead to stress and poor self esteem if they fail or have rebound weight gain after going 'off' the diet.


You may say, well veganism has specific rules, so isn't that a diet??? Good point, but the difference is that you never have to be vegan. You choose to be vegan...

My quote for that: "Veganism is not a diet. It is a choice your heart makes." - me

This is not a diet. Plant-based eating is a way to live. And this program teaches you that. You end up eating more plants and less animals (or no animal products) and over time, you may find that you just feel better from the inside out.

Finding Vegan Meals is easy because there are no rules -- like ZERO. Follow the meal plans to a tee - or don't. A la carte cooking is totally an option. You can jump around recipes, skip an entire week of a meal plan and more. Basically, go at your own pace and listen to your own tastes and hunger preferences.

This program can be a tool for awareness and structure. Structure in your diet can be a good thing, if you crave it.

But if structure stresses you out and following a meal plan gives you the heebie jeebies, no worries, this plan is still for you. With 150 stand alone recipes, you can pick and choose and go at whatever cooking flow you feel comfy in.

So yes, I would encourage anyone looking to lose weight for healthy reasons, to add more plants and vegan meals to their diet - I mean the fiber and nutrients alone will be beneficial for you. But again, this is not a diet program. I want you guys to feel nourished, happy, satisfied and healthy! At whatever weight you are at. And as always -- consult your doctor with all questions regarding your health and diet. Including weight loss. Professionals can help you find answers you may be seeking.


5. Can a vegan diet be healthy?

Absolutely! There are some nutritional things to consider - like supplementing with B12, since vegans will not get that nutrient in their diets. Other possible nutrients to watch for: iron, magnesium, vitamin D... But in general, vegans who eat a well-balanced, whole-foods-heavy diet will be getting plenty of nutrients. But what is 'healthy' for one person may not be for another person. Always consult your doctor when it comes to the complex needs of your own body. Doctors and Dietitians can help guide you towards the plant-based diet that works for you.  ----  
Health and wellness for each person is a very multi-dimensional thing, with many layers and complexities. Diet is just one piece of that. So I never like to say that "veganism is a magic bullet to health" because it just isn't true -- for ANY diet. Wellness is something that touches each space of our lives - social, emotional, physical, environmental, intellectual and spiritual. I personally feel that being a part of the vegan community has improved ALL SIX of these areas for me. And I hope it does for you too.

I will point out though, that research has shown that plant-based diets may reduce the risks of heart disease, type two diabetes and some cancers. Yay plants.

6. Why should I add more vegan meals to my diet?

Three reasons: your health, the planet's health and animals!

You: When you add more vegan meals to your diet, you will be loading up on plants! Nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fruit, legumes... Plants are packed with nutrients, fiber and flavor! Plus, they are colorful, flavorful and beautiful to look at. 

Aside from personal reasons, vegan meals are a positive choice for both the planet and animals. A recent study found that veganism is the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

And you can probably guess that eating plant-based means you reduce your consumption of animals and animal products. Therefore, helping the world make a shift away from animal products and towards compassion. The animals thank you.

And ICYMI, vegan cooking is better than EVER right now, so here is your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

But again, you don't need to go 100% vegan to make an impact on all three of these things! Start small and go from there.

Want to learn more about how veganism rocks? Watch these documentaries: Before the Flood + Cowspiracy.


7. What is the private facebook group all about?

The private group will be available for you to interact with Kathy and other members. Special content - videos, bonus meal plans and more - will also be published to this group. The group will start slow upon product launch, but I hope to have it thriving in a few months. And you early adopters to this program will get a special chance to interact with me more closely. Ask questions, I am here for you!


8. How much is this?

Right now, I have a summer special of $29 for the entire blood+sweat+tears to make this thing program!!! This offer will not last long though.. Sometimes I offer coupon codes via social media as well as on my blog

PS. Digital content is very easy to share and copy once downloaded, so as a protection to myself I am not doing refunds. But you can very easily see exactly what you are getting when you order via this website. You can browse the samples page, what you get page, or view the how-to binder video. I want you to be 100% thrilled!

9. How many recipes does the complete program have?

Over 150 recipes, plus bonus recipes added in the challenges additional plans. Each with a photo. And even more recipes in the holiday guide. And I will be posting bonus, exclusive content, to the Facebook page once we have enough members.

10. Are there photos in this e-book?

Oh Yes! Each and every recipe has a full color photo taken by Kathy.


11. What about serving size?

The recipe serving sizes vary. Some meals make one serving and can easily be doubled or tripled, etc, if needed. While others, like a few dinner meals, will provide 2-4 (or more) servings. If you have leftovers - you can always eat them at your next meal or the next day. You can also freeze plenty of recipes in this program for later -- Vegan freezer meals are the best!


12. Will my kids like these recipes?

Yes!! Vegan meals are colorful and packed with flavor. Plus, there are plenty of fan-fave, kid-tastic recipes in here including: mac 'n cheese, smoothies, veggie burgers, sloppy joes, cookies, snacks and more.

Kids generally love fruits (and even veggies!) so these recipes can embrace that for them. And when possible, it's wonderful to get kids and teens in the kitchen to help you cook and/or prep and learn about these amazing ingredients.


13. Are vegan ingredients expensive?

Vegan basics are actually pretty cheap! Basics like beans, rice, pasta, veggies, in-season fruit, bulk nuts and seeds. Loading up when pantry basics are on sale is also a great idea. So in general, no, vegan meals are not more expensive than regular meals -- in fact you might even find that they are less expensive, depending where you shop and what you are making.

The one thing you might find to be a bit of an investment is if you are really switching your non-vegan kitchen over to a vegan one. Buying pantry essentials like vegan butter, nutritional yeast, nuts, seeds, tamari, nut butters, spices, etc, might feel expensive at first, but after you switch over, you might find your grocery bill is actually cheaper minus the animal products.

And in terms of spending more on healthy whole foods rather than convenience foods or fast food, well, you just have to realize how much you are investing in your longterm health!

14. Are there gluten-free, soy-free, allergy-friendly recipes?


Many of the recipes are gluten-free and there are plenty that will be suitable for those with allergies. Basic substitutions can also be made for many of the recipes. For example, using sun butter in place of peanut butter. Or using your fave gluten-free bread, tortillas or flour in place of gluten-containing items. Recipe results will vary slightly, but simple subs are usually very successful.

And as always, you can message me in the Facebook group asking for advice on how to modify a recipe or plan. And if enough people request it, I may even make a special gluten-free meal plan. Bonus content like this will be made available in the Facebook group, free of charge! Once you are IN, you are IN. I am excited to produce some bonus goodies for this community!


15. Are the FVM recipes on your blog?

There are around 24+ brand new recipes in this program. But really, MANY of the recipes are vintage HHL recipes, made new again. Way more printable and in many cases, the recipes have been tweaked for ease and even flavor.

The recipes I chose from my blog are fan-favorites! And now you can have them all in a super convenient, easy-to-print and meal-plan imbedded format! Seriously, make this binder and have HHL fan-faves at your fingertips. No screens needed.

16. What does it mean to buy this program?

Purchasing the Finding Vegan Meals program will have a huge impact on you and the world around you.

First off, you receive a grand thank you from me. Sales from this book will go towards helping me continue to work on HHL and FV and this community - to keep creating mostly FREE content for you guys. And more exclusive content for the FVM community -- you guys! Videos, recipes and so much more. Sales will also help keep alive.

Aside from my thanks, you will be impacting the world in a positive way. "Walking the talk" so to speak. You are doing something. One meal plan at a time.

By eating more plant-based meals, you will be helping the planet and telling stores that you want more plants, less animal products in their stores. Because of you,
market demand for plant-based products will continue to increase. Look around, right now,  the world is changing! And you are a piece of that.

And of course, helping yourself eat more plants is a very good thing.

And of course, closest to my heart, you will be consuming less (or no) animal products - doing something monumental for the animals. Farm animals and wildlife.

By choosing vegan more often, you will be spreading compassion through the world, like a ripple spreading over a lake. Your actions will echo throughout your family, friends, community. You may even influence and inspire others to go vegan or eat more plants.

And with that, YOU will be a super hero for animals, the planet and yourself.

17. How do I get started?

Easy! Order here, wait for your goodies to pop into your inbox and get started TODAY!


18. Can I gift this program?
Yes! Simply click the present icon in the email section when you order... Input your giftee's email address! (See image below)

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